Ukraine and Spain began negotiations on a bilateral agreement on security guarantees under the Group of Seven (G7) Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine, the Presidential Office reported on March 4.

Over 30 countries have joined the declaration so far. The U.K., Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Canada, and the Netherlands have already signed bilateral agreements with Ukraine.

Spanish and Ukrainian officials discussed the structure of the future deal and agreed on the schedule for further negotiations, according to the Presidential Office.

The report did not provide any additional details on the first round of talks.

G7 members presented their plan for long-term security commitments for Ukraine at the NATO summit in Vilnius in early July last year.

Under this plan, individual countries would provide bilateral support to help Kyiv repel the ongoing Russian invasion and deter any future aggression.

The security guarantees would entail explicit and long-lasting obligations, as well as bolster Ukraine’s ability to resist Russian aggression. The guarantees would also cover sanctions, financial aid, and post-war reconstruction.

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