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Laughter is a great foil for the fine line separating happy and sad moments. This is precisely the space Robyn Slack and Joshua Lee Coss occupy as the musical comedy duo known as Success 5000. They’re releasing a brand new album, Sad Forever, Sunday night at Grindstone Theatre.

“A couple years back I got sad and I stayed that way,” is the album’s opening first line and a tell-tale sign of the duo’s brand of  cynical and hilariously absurd humour.

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The Edmonton artists have toured the country together, performed at comedy festivals around North America and appeared on CBC’s The Irrelevant Show. This is the duo’s sixth album blending acoustic guitar and keys with upbeat sarcasm to create catchy tunes that, despite the slightly dark nature of the content, you can’t help but laugh along to. For this reason, album content carries a PG-13 rating.

Success 5000 will have a full band backing them for Sunday’s 7 p.m. show, which will include guest artists and sketch comedy by Michael Johnston and Marguerite Lawler. Tickets start at $12 for students and $15 for general admission plus fees and taxes from

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3/1-4/13: Eveline Kolijn: The Energy Futures Portfolio Project (Harcourt)

3/1-4/13: Luke Johnson: Farewell to the North (Do Not Apply Compression Gently) (Harcourt)

3/2-12: Doreen Pagee: Earth and Sky (Trinity)

3/2-8/4: Dwayne Martineau: Boreal Fortress (AGA)

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Thru 3/2: Open Walls 7 (Bleeding Heart)

Thru 3/2: Carol Wylie, Marie-Pierre Castonguay: Reflections (Gallery@501)

Thru 3/3: Between Things: Alberta Ceramics (AGA)

Thru 3/3: 5 Artists 1 Love 2024 (AGA)

3/4-7: Adrien Veczan: Nuances (CAVA)

3/8-30: Kateryna Kryvolap (Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts)

Thru 3/9: Samantha Williams-Chapelsky: Time and Terrain (Art Gallery of St. Albert)

Thru 3/10: Tim Rechner: Silence Like a Vacuum (Yardbird)

Thru 3/10: ᐋᐧᐸᑲᐧᓃᐊᐧᐣ Wâpakwanîwin (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

Thru 3/15: Robyn Adams: Chalef changeant/Wolf Willow; Stephanie Rossi: Salutogenic Design (FAB)

Thru 3/15: Grant Leier: If You Know, You Know. (West End)

3/16-26: Terri Heinrichs: Vivid Impressions (Trinity)

Thru 3/16: Elise Findlay: Another Life (AB Craft Gallery)

Thru 3/26: Tom Thompson: North Star (AGA)

Thru 3/31: Identity Ether (AGA Community Gallery)

4/5-27: Liliya Kostiuk, Liudmyla Lushchyk, Taras Lachowsky (Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts)

4/6-16: Nancy Corrigan: Wonders in the Play (Trinity)

Thru 4/6: Finding Our Way group show; Rhayne Vermette: Letters (Ociciwan)

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Thru 4/19: Ingrained in Time (Red Brick Common)

Thru 4/26: Visions of Grandeur: Lands Worth Saving (Wild Skies)

4/26-6/8: Caitlin Thompson: PANORAMADA (Harcourt)

4/26-6/8: Krissya Iraheta (Harcourt)

5/3-31: Larysa Matchak, Mariia Parshykova & Svitlana Melobenska (Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts)

St albert
Santosh Korthiwada’s Ghats of Benaras is in Art Gallery of St. Albert’s Staircase Gallery through May. 4. Photo by Santosh Korthiwada /supplied

Thru 5/4: Santosh Korthiwada: Inseparable Fragments (Art Gallery of St. Albert)

5/4-5/29: Larry Reese and Anne Wheeler: Art Inspiring Art (Trinity)

Thru 5/5: Brenda Draney: Drink from the River (AGA)

Thru 5/5: Emmanuel Osahor: I made this place for you (AGA)

Thru 5/26: Braxton Garneau: Pay Dirt (AGA)

6/5: Josh Harnack: Limbo of Lost Canvasses (Aviary)

6/29-7/16: Carla Lam: Lost And Found (Trinity)

Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett: Untitled Abstract Object in Space (AGA)


3/1-4/13: Reimagining Fire: The Future of Energy (Harcourt House)

3/2: Domi’s Let it Be a Tale: Poetry for Palestine (Felice)

3/5: Premee Mohamed: The Butcher of the Forest launch (Audreys)

3/25-28: YouthWrite Spring Break Camp (Highlands United)


2/29: Wayne Jones, Chris Borger (Grindstone)

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3/2-3/3: Gianmarco Soresi (Comic Strip)

3/1-2: Kevin Christopher (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/1-2: Hannibal Thompson (Comedy Factory)

3/3: Success 5000’s Sad Forever album release (Grindstone)

3/7: Dale Elliott Jr. (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/7: Snowed In Comedy Tour (Metro)

3/7-10: Ian Lara (Comic Strip)

3/8-8: Chris Heward (Comedy Factory)

3/8-9: Rob Ross (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/9: Gabby Bernard, Meegan Sweet, The Hysterical Ladies, Lauren Brady (La Cité)

3/11-13,18-20: Youcan Comedy Night (Comic Strip)

3/14-17: Ivan Decker (Comic Strip)

3/15-26: Matt Rife: The ProbleMATTic World Tour (Jubilee)

3/16: Lisa Baker (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/21-24: Amos Gill (Comic Strip)

3/22: Mike Dambra (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/27: Ben Bankas (Comic Strip)

3/27: Mark Forward, Jeff McEnery, Olivia Stadler (Myer Horowitz)

3/28-30: Casey Corbin (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/28-31: Angelo Tsarouchas (Comic Strip)

3/29-30: Casey Corbin (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/31: Terry Fubar Live (Union)

4/5: Bianca Del Rio: Dead Inside (Jubilee)

4/5-6: Dave Nystrom (Yuk Yuk’s)

4/11-13: Steven Ho (Comic Strip)

4/12-13: Jimmy Earll (Comedy Factory)

4/18-21: Derek Gaines (Comic Strip)

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4/25-28: Drew Dunn (Comic Strip)

5/2-5: Trixx (Comic Strip)

5/31: Rob Schneider (River Cree)

7/14: Bret Kreischer, Whitney Cummings, Steph Tolev (Kinsmen Park)

10/17: This Is That (Festival Place)

10/19: Sebastian Maniscalco (Rogers)


Thru 3/3: Journey of the Horse (Mah Society)

Thru 4/28: Disney Immersive Animation (EXPO Centre)

Thru 7/28: Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia (RAM)

10/2-5: Canadian Finals Rodeo (Rogers)


2/29-3/10: SkirtsAfire Festival (various)

3/5-3/10: Sound Off: A Deaf Theatre Festival (Arts Barns)

3/8: Edmonton Craft Beer Festival (EEC)

3/21-23: Edmonton International Beer Festival (EEC)

3/25-31: Springboards New Play Festival (Gateway Theatre)

3/29-30: Downtown Defrost (Churchill Square)

4/14-17: Cantando Festival (Winspear)

4/19-21: Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Festival (EEC)

4/27: Alberta Spirits & Cocktail Festival (EEC)

5/2-4: Kinfest (Roxy)

5/14-19: From Cradle to Stage (Walterdale)

5/27-28: Ubuntu Festival (Habesha)

5/30-6/9: Nextfest (Roxy)

6/19-23: Sled Island (Calgary)

6/21-22: Beaumont Music Festival (Four Seasons Park)

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7/5-14: Edmonton International Street Performers Festival (Churchill Square)

7/12-14: Great Outdoor Comedy Festival (Kinsmen Park)

7/15-28: The Magpie Collective: A Dance Festival (MZD)

7/18-28: Taste of Edmonton (Churchill Square)

8/1-4: Big Valley Jamboree: Cody Johnson, Lainey WIlson, Keith Urban (Camrose)

8/8-11: Edmonton Folk Music Festival (Gallagher Park)

8/9-11: Cariwest (Churchill Square)

8/10-11: Punk in Drublic Craft Beer and Music Festival w/ NOFX (Ice District)

8/15-25: Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival (Old Strathcona)

8/16-18: Edmonton Blues Festival (Northlands)

9/6-8: Purple City Music Fest (various)

9/26-10/5: Edmonton International Film Festival (various)

10/20: Edmonton Underground Film Festival (Aviary)


3/3,5-6: 2024 Oscar-Nominated Short Films (Metro)

3/8: An Evening with Rachel Talalay feat. Tank Girl, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (Metro)

3/24, 26: Stolen Time (Metro)


2/29: All Was Lost, Tartara, Velvet Concord, Tormentress (Starlite)

2/29: Alan Doyle (Jubilee)

2/29: Medical Pilot, Theo from Gob DJ set, Vargouille, Reform (Buckingham)

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2/29: The Rekt Betties, Stonegate, The Heavys (Commercial)

2/29: Allison Russell (Festival Place)

3/1: Brkn Love, Royal Tusk (Union)

3/1: The Brothers Landreth (Festival Place)

3/1: JustPeopleWatching, Cole Merkowsky (Aviary)

3/1: Okan (Yardbird)

3/1: Psycho Circus: Circus of Light (Starlite)

3/1: Sam Roberts (Jubilee)

3/1: Rockford Stomp (Commercial)

3/1: Benjamin Williams (Blue Chair)

3/1,2: ESO’s Gerschwin, By George! Rhapsody in Blue’s 100th (Winspear)

3/2: CMHA Throwback Dance Party w/ DJ Harman B (Union)

3/2: Flowshine, Sudden Love, Stella Johnson (Aviary)

3/2: Korora Choirs’ Stories w/ Melanie DeMore (West End Reformed)

3/2: RJ LeBlanc (Yardbird)

3/2: Justin Martin, Sooo Wet, Ceevs (Starlite)

3/2: Amy Van Keeken, Wilf Kozub, Smokey, Christine Hanson, Jamie Philp (Westwood)

3/2: ZURGLIN, M4XW311, Deezy, Rumspringer (Grindstone)

3/3: Kim Cousineau: The Pianist (Holy Trinity)

3/3: Edmonton Youth Orchestra: Thelma Johannes O’Neil Memorial Concert (Winspear)

3/3: Irish Harp (Continental Treat)

3/4: Kxllswxych (Starlite)

3/5: The Definitive, Sudden Love, Darkened Skies (Commercial)

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3/6: Ministry, Gary Numan, Front Line Assembly (Midway)

3/6: Pussy Riot (Starlite)

3/7: Jeremie Albino (Starlite)

3/7: Fate Cries Foul, Tatara, Caustic Fog (Aviary)

3/7: Chuck Ragan, Kenny Bridges, James Renton, Ryan Dix (Buckingham)

3/7: Skid Row, Buckcherry (River Cree)

3/8: Brass Camel, King Theory (Aviary)

3/8: Cosmopolitan Music Society: Jazz Orchestra (OSPAC)

3/8: Dillanponders, K-Riz, Tea Fannie, Mussedese (Buckingham)

3/8: Elephante (Union)

3/8: ESO Classics: Brahms’ Symphony No. 3 (Winspear)

3/8: Longwalkshortdock, Honeycomb, Acorn, Trevor Galore (Starlite)

3/8: Napalm Raid, Languid, False Body, Malicious Intent (Temple)

3/8: Jim Serediak Trio (Blue Chair)

3/8: Blake Shelton, Dustin Lynch (Rogers)

3/8: Tritonal, Dowski, DJ Keegs, Dangeross (Midway)

3/9: Cheat Codes (Union)

3/9: Jack Garton, Jake Ian (St. Basil’s)

3/9: Ímar (Festival Place)

3/9: Boris and Irina Konovalov piano recital (Muttart Hall)

3/9: Journey, Toto (Rogers Place)

3/9: New Connections, Kip Lily, The Western Thistles, Eric Yaremko (Aviary)

3/9: Payphones, Jed and the Valentine (Black Dog)

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3/9: Women of Folkways: Maria Dunn, Kym Gouchie, Riwo Egor, Fawn Wood (Parkview)

3/9-10: Corb Lund, 49 Winchester (Midway)

3/10: Edmonton Recital Society — A Celebration of Women (Muttart Hall)

3/10: Ethan Filner: Chamber Music Gym Jam (Felice)

3/10: Heartstings & Honky Tonks CFCW’s 70th Birthday (Festival Place)

3/10: The Trans-Canada Highwaymen (Festival Place)

3/10: The Zuckerman Trio (Winspear)

3/13: Dreamers Son, Billie Zizi (Aviary)

3/14: Dead Bob (Starlite)

3/14: ESO’s Castle’s & Warriors: Transcendent Sounds (Winspear)

3/14: Benny Sharoni (Yardbird)

3/14: Ariana Whitlow’s Turn Back Time (Festival Place)

3/14-15: The Real McKenzies, Brutal Youth, Bogue Brigade (Buckingham)

3/15: Argument Club, K Burwash, Skrunt Skrunt, Shawn Pinchbeck (Collins Gallery)

3/15: Geordie Kieffer (Union)

3/15: Nekromantix, Forbidden Dimension, Confusionaires (Starlite)

3/15: Obroa-Skai, Abrupt Decay, Everything You’ve Ever Loved, Hedero Doom (Aviary)

3/15: Rêve, Ralph (Starlite)

3/16: Gary Allan (River Cree)

3/16: Celtara (Blue Chair)

3/16: Mike Dunn (Black Dog)

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3/16: The Strand (Aviary)

3/16: The So Noted Singers’ When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (St. Albert United Church Hall)

3/17: GWAR, Cancer Bats, Fuming Mouth (Midway)

3/17: The Local Group, Mary Liv, Joel Rohs (Aviary)

3/17: The Old Sod (Winspear)

3/18: Lucki (Midway)

3/20: Ryan McMahon, Brandon Baker, Amanda Penner (Aviary)

3/21: Raygun Cowboys, Real Sickies, OiiO, The Denim Daddies (Aviary)

3/21: Warren Zeiders (River Cree)

3/22: Bywater Call (Maclab)

3/22: ECMS: Tai Murrau & Gilles Vonsattel (Robertson-Wesley)

3/22: French Rk, Isabelle Mercier, Nadia Sylvain, Ghislaine Doté (Aviary)

3/22: Raine Hamilton, AV & the Inner City (St. Basil’s)

3/23: Dying Remains, Snakepit, Autolysis, Boiling Lye (Temple)

3/23: DZ Deathrays (Starlite)

3/23: The Glitch Mob, Stacked (Midway)

3/23: Tim Isberg Trio (Parkview)

3/23: Bretton Lee John (Black Dog)

3/23: Misfortune Tellers, Vogue Villains, Vanity Hour, paro! (Aviary)

3/23: Sinzere (ECC)

3/23: Skofka, Dovi, Kozak Siromaha (Union)

3/23,24: Kevin Chen Plays Beethoven’s Emperor (Winspear)

3/23-24: North Stratton Pipe Band (ECC)

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3/24: Franz Liszt Via Crucis w/ Kappella Kyrie (Anglican Parish of Christ Church)

3/28: Robyn Ottolini (Starlite)

3/28: Together YEG: Babd Buddy, Vertigo, cikwes, Bhuyash Neupane, Mustafa Rafiq (9910)

3/29: Audio/Rocketry, Stem Champ, You, Me and Zach, Garrett Dale (Buckingham)

3/29: Jacob Do Octet (Yardbird)

3/29: Noah Kahan (Rogers)

3/29: Runway, Peace Within, Blume, DJ Gulzar (Aiary)

3/30: Edmonton Chinese Community Spring Festival Gala (Winspear)

3/30: Madam X, Malcs (Starlite)

3/30: Preying Saints, Lams, Dad Religion, Abigail’s Cross (Buckingham)

3/30: Rotting Christ, Uada, Abigail Williams (Starlite)

3/30: Saxophonic Reverie w/ Melissa Aldana (Triffo)

3/30: Shaguar (Black Dog)

3/30: Showtek (Union)

3/31: Dahkabrakha (Winspear)

4/2: Queens of the Stone Age, The Struts (Rogers)

4/3: D12, Obie Trice (Union)

4/4: Matthew Good (Midway)

4/4-6: ESO Classics: The Organ Concert (Winspear)

4/5: Alestorm, Elvenking, Glyph (Midway)

4/5: Anciients, Dead Quiet, Quietus, Hydracat (Temple)

4/6: Comeback Kid, Spy (Buckingham)

4/6: Escape Goat, Dead City Casuals (Aviary)

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4/6: John Hewitt (Yardbird)

4/6: Mini Pop Kids (Jubilee)

4/6: Will Sparks (Union)

4/6: Ben Sures & Eileen Laverty (Parkview)

4/7: Mozart’s Requiem (Winspear)

4/8: Garneau String Quartet (Muttart Hall)

4/9: Tyr, Trollfest, Aether Realm (Starlite)

4/10: Lime Cordiale (Union)

4/10-12: Edmonton Opera: Golijov’s Ayre (Triffo)

4/10-11,13: ESO’s The Magical Music of Harry Potter (Winspear)

4/11: TWRP, Trey Manifique, Nelward (Starlite)

4/11: X Ambassadors, Noah Gundersen (Union)

4/12: Agsunta, Rochelle, Ivana Alawi (Union)

4/12: Calling All Captains, Chastity (Buckingham)

4/12: Everclear, Sister Hazel (River Cree)

4/12: Kobo Town, Ryland Moranz (St. Basil’s)

4/12-13: ESO Robbins Pops: Latin Fire (Winspear)

4/13: Bear Grillz, Underland (Union)

4/13: Festival City Winds: The Heroes Among Us (First Presbyterian)

4/13: Shaggy2Dope, DJ Clay (Union)

4/13: Thor, Bogue Brigade, Tower Hill, Kill Witch (Starlite)

4/14: Lil Tjay (Rogers)

4/15-16: Classic Albums Live: The Eagles Greatest Hits (Festival Place)

4/17: Abigail Lapell (Aviary)

4/18: Luke Bryan, Chayce Beckham, Tenille Arts (Rogers)

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4/19: Shred Kelly, Megan Nash (Starlite)

4/19: ESO Pairings: Tchaikovsky & Folksong (Winspear)

4/19: Öwnboss (Union)

4/20: AC-Dixie (Teddy’s)

4/20: ECMS: Isodore Quartet (Trinity Lutheran)

4/20: Korpiklaani, Visions of Atlantis, Illumishade (Starlite)

4/20: Sarah McLachlan (Jubilee)

4/20: Neck of the Woods, Protosequence, Satanic Tea Co, Eyel (Buckingham)

4/20: Pharis & Jason Romero (Parkview)

4/20-21: Angela Cheng Plays Clara Schumann (Winspear)

4/21: Dallas Alexander (Aviary)

4/21: Enterprise Earth, Inferi, Crown Magnetar (Starlite)

4/22: Tori Kelly (Midway)

4/22: Strung Out, The Casualties (Union)

4/23: Bahamas (Winspear)

4/23: Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Wilderun (Starlite)

4/24: Dopethrone, Severed Arm, Tekerra, Mares of Thrace (Buckingham)

4/25: Boombox (Union)

4/25: ESO’s The Wolf of Lafontaine: Song & Dance (Winspear)

4/25: Leaf Rapids, Mark Davis (Aviary)

4/26-27: Celeigh Cardinal w/ the ESO (Winspear)

4/27: Matt Dusk: Dusk Sings Bennett (Festival Place)

4/27: Close Talker, Postdata (Aviary)

4/27: Pouya, Terrpr Reid, Fat Nick (Union)

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4/27: Wind Rose, Xandria (Starlite)

4/28: Young Artists Concert (Holy Trinity)

4/29: Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Frozen Soul (EEC)

5/2: Rory Gardiner (Maclab)

5/2: Lorna MacLachlan (Yardbird)

5/2-4: ESO Classics: Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony (Winspear)

5/4: Talk, Lord of the Flies & Birds & Bees (Midway)

5/4: Land of Talk (Aviary)

5/6: Better Lovers, See You Space Cowboy, Foreign Hands (Starlite)

5/7: Electric Six, Supersuckers, Volk Volk (Starlite)

5/7: Static X, Sevendust (Midway)

5/9: Kim Churchill (Aviary)

5/10: Foreigner, Headpins (Rogers)

5/11: Prateek Kuhad (Midway)

5/11: M is for Music (Winspear)

5/13: Decapitated, Septicflesh, Kataklysm, Allegaeon (Starlite)

5/14: Dying Fetus, Full of Hell, 200 Stab Wounds, Kruelty (Starlite)

5/14: Laube Plays Liszt (Winspear)

5/15: The Mission UK (Midway)

5/17: ESO Pairings: Rachmaninoff & Dance (Winspear)

5/18 DJ Paul from three6mafia (Union)

5/18: Zuzana Šimurdová (Holy Trinity)

5/18-19: ESO’s Fantastic Dances: Rachmaninoff & Ravel (Winspear)

5/19: Agent Orange, Messer, Chips, No Skies (Temple)

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5/23: Ones — The Beatles #1 Hits (Winspear)

5/24: Skydiggers (Festival Place)

5/25: Charley Crockett (River Cree)

5/25: Shawn Desman (Midway)

5/25: Doobie (Union)

5/25: Skiitour (Midway)

5/26: Chamber Music Society of Edmonton: Across the North Sea (St. Andrew’s)

5/26: Hanabie (Midway)

5/31-6/1: ESO Robbins Pops: From Broadway to Hollywood (Winspear)

5/31: Archspire (Midway)

6/2: Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony (Winspear)

6/4: Little Big (Union)

6/4: Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic (Winspear)

6/6: Monatik (Union)

6/7-8: ESO’s James Horner: A Voyage of Immersive Film (Winspear)

6/8: Taking Back Sunday, Citizen (Union)

6/12: Derina Harvey Band (Maclab)

6/12: The Teskey Brothers (Midway)

6/13-15: ESO’s Marvellous Melodies: Dvořák’s Cello Concerto (Winspear)

6/16: Authority Zero, The Corps (Buckingham)

6/16: Musical Mornings (Winspear)

6/21: Clint Black (Winspear)

6/21: Don Berner Big Band Meets the Rhythm Gunners Big Band (Triffo)

7/1: Dayglow Abortions, Dr. Know, Bogue Brigade, Fully Crazed (Starlite)

8/23,25: Metallica (Commonwealth)

8/24: Hozier (Rogers)

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8/31: P!nk, Sheryl Crow, The Script, KidCitUp (Commonwealth)

9/7: Marcus King (Midway)

9/14: Canadian Country Music Awards (Rogers)

9/16: Avril Lavigne (Rogers)

9/18: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Rogers)

9/21-22: Social Distortion, The Bell Rays (Midway)

10/18: Jordan Davis (Rogers)

11/1: The Dead South (EEC)

11/17-18: Zach Bryan (Rogers)

11/19: Bruce Springsteen (Rogers)


2/29-3/10: Mermaid Legs (Gateway Theatre)

3/2: Bill Nye: The End is Nye (Jubilee)

3/2: Connections//Collisions Cabaret: Unveiling (MZD)

3/2-31: The Sound of Music (Citadel)

Thru 3/3: Rubaboo (Citadel)

3/6-7: Speaking Vibrations (Westbury)

3/7: Off the Page (La Cité)

3/7-8: Walk Right Back: The Everly Brothers Story (Festival Place)

3/8: emBODYment (La Cité)

3/8-9: James Gnam’s Entre Chien et Loup (MZD)

James Gnam
James Gnam’s new solo work, Entre Chien et Loup, is being presented at Edmonton’s Mile Zero Dance March 8 and 9. Photo by David Cooper /Supplied

3/9: Andrea House’s The Story of Linda Ronstadt (Jubilee)

3/10: Harlem Globetrotters (Rogers)

3/14-16: Motown Getdown (Citadel)

3/15-16: Jeanette Kotowich’s Kisiskâciwan (Theatre Network)

3/15-31: Robot Girls (Varscona)

3/16: Charlotte & the Music-Maker (Winspear)

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3/22-23: Alberta Ballet’s Hansel & Gretel (Jubilee)

3/22-4/6: Champions of Magic (Festival Place)

3/26-31: Hairspray (Jubilee)

3/31-4/21: The Mountaintop (Citadel)

4/2-21: Ronnie Burkett’s Wonderful Joe (Roxy)

4/4: Leonard & Joni: The Untold Love Story (Jubilee)

4/5-20: Candy & The Beast (Studio Theatre)

4/9-6/16: Grease (Mayfield)

4/11: Canada’s Drag Race (Jubilee)

4/11-12: Golijov’s Ayre (Triffo)

4/12-14: Shen Yun: China Before Communism (Jubilee)

4/13: Pearl-Ann Gooding’s Three Apples Fell … In My Backyard and Beyond (Sourthminster-Steinhauer United Church)

4/17-27: The Swearing Jar (Walterdale)

4/20-5/12: The Three Musketeers (Citadel)

4/25-5/12: Tiny Beautiful Things (Varscona)

5/3-4: Ballet Edmonton’s Unir (Triffo)

5/7: Candace Bushnell: True Tales of Sex, Success and Sex in the City (Festival Place)

5/8: All Elite Wrestling (Rogers)

5/9-12: Hits of Broadway: Celebrating Motherhood (Citadel)

5/10-11: Alberta Ballet’s Der Wolf & The Rite of Spring (Jubilee)

5/10-11: Wheel of Fortune Live! (River Cree)

5/12: Stars on Ice (Rogers)

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5/13-16: Mean Girls (Festival Place)

5/17-6/2: Dead Letter (Gateway Theatre)

5/23: The Simon & Garfunkel Story (Jubilee)

5/28-6/1: Wagner’s Das Rheingold (Maclab)

5/30-6/9: Nextfest (Roxy)

6/16: Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance (River Cree)

6/25-7/28: On Golden Pond (Mayfield)

7/6-8/4: The Play That Goes Wrong (Shoctor)

7/10-20: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (Walterdale)

9/21-10/13: A Streetcar Named Desire (Shoctor)

10/17-27: Bear Grease (Maclab)

11/2-24: The Ballad of Johnny and June (Shoctor)

11/23-12/24: A Christmas Carol (Maclab)


1/11-2/2: Goblin: Macbeth (Rice)

2/1-3/2: Disney’s Frozen The Broadway Musical (Shoctor)

2/22-3/23: A Midsummer Night’s Dream: The ’70s Musical (Maclab)

3/22-4/13: Heist (Shoctor)

5/3-25: The Twilight Zone (Shoctor)

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