Switzerland has expanded its sanctions against Russia in line with the European Union’s 13th package of sanctions, the Swiss government announced on March 1.

The EU adopted the latest package of sanctions against Russia on Feb. 23, targeting an additional 106 individuals and 88 entities involved in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The list includes companies from India, Sri Lanka, China, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Turkey.

The EU also subjected 27 entities to tighter export restrictions of dual-use goods and technologies that might contribute to the technological development of Russia’s military sector and imposed export restrictions on components used to develop and produce drones.

Switzerland followed suit on Feb. 29, adding all the individuals and companies featured in the EU’s sanctions package to its own sanctions list, the country’s government wrote in a press release.

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All measures entered into force in Switzerland on March 1.

Despite its long-standing policy of neutrality, the Alpine country has joined the international sanctions regime against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and provided Kyiv with humanitarian, political, and economic aid.

Switzerland is also reportedly ramping up efforts to prevent companies and individuals from using the country to circumvent sanctions imposed against Russia.

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