Stephen King has weighed in on the fact that Donald Trump won almost every state primary on Super Tuesday and is expected to once again face President Joe Biden in the race for the White House.

The Republican presidential front-runner and rival Nikki Haley squared off in 15 states’ primary contests to mark Super Tuesday, with the results reaffirming what was expected—that Trump is all but confirmed as the Republican nominee for November’s presidential elections.

However, Haley spoiled the former president’s hopes of sweeping the Super Tuesday GOP presidential primaries. She received more than 2 million votes across the country and pulled off a surprise victory in Vermont, the solidly blue state where Biden beat Trump by 35 points in 2020.

On Tuesday King weighed in on Trump’s victory and shared that he had hoped Haley would have won.

Stephen King and Donald Trump
Left, Stephen King visits the SiriusXM Studios on September 26, 2017, in New York City. Right, Donald Trump is seen on stage during a Get Out the Vote Rally on March 2, 2024, in Richmond,…

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Newsweek emailed representatives for Trump, Haley and King for comment Wednesday.

“Suppose too much to hope that my home state would go for Haley,” he posted to X, formerly Twitter. King is from Maine and per the Associated Press, Trump gained 20 Maine delegates and received 72.4% of votes on Tuesday.

As with all of King’s posts to X, people took to the comments to share their thoughts on what he said.

“I recently drove through a huge portion of the state to cross into Canada and legit there’s so many legit and homemade Trump signs on the side of the roads up north. As disappointing as it is I am genuinely not surprised” one person wrote.

“I wish she won that ticket!” said another.

“Stick to writing books rather than trying to tell the future,” someone else posted.

A fourth added: “Nikki Haley is the candidate no one asked for, and no one wants.”

The horror author often takes to social media to criticize Trump and other members of the Republican Party but he also uses his platform to stick up for Joe Biden .

Showing that he still hopes Trump won’t win the 2024 presidential election, he also retweeted a post from filmmaker Rob Reiner on Tuesday.

“I refuse to believe Americans would rather have a lying lunatic rapist [whose] brain has turned to mush and will destroy our Democracy than a decent man who’s spent his life fighting to make things better for US. I have faith. We will do the right thing and vote for Joe Biden,” the post reads. At the time of writing it had been viewed 878,500 times.

On Friday, Republicans in American Samoa will cast their ballots in the upcoming primary and caucuses. Then next Tuesday, Republicans will vote in Georgia, Mississippi, Hawaii and Washington.

Polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight says Trump is expected to get 77.5 percent of the GOP primary vote share, while Haley is polling at 15.7 percent.

However, according to a source familiar with her plans, Haley will drop out of the Republican presidential primary race.

Haley is set to appear at a press conference in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday morning, where she is expected to officially suspend her presidential campaign.

King joined the Democratic party in 1970 and has been an outspoken critic of Trump since before the 77-year-old was elected president in 2016.

On May 24, 2016, King was one of 450 writers to sign an open letter opposing Trump’s candidacy, with the author supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign.