Vice-President of the European Commission Věra Jourová believes that Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is helping the Kremlin with his statements.

Source: Věra Jourová in an interview with Slovak portal Aktuality, European Pravda reports

Details: Jourová stressed that anyone who tries to weaken assistance to Ukraine, even through statements, “is essentially helping the Kremlin”.

“Anyone who spreads Russian propaganda, for example saying that Ukrainians started the war, is essentially betraying their allies in the European Union,” added the Vice-President of the European Commission, who is also the Commissioner for Values and Transparency.

“We all want peace. But we don’t want peace that means Ukraine’s surrender. We are not that weak,” she stressed.

Jourová noted that she expected a greater reaction from the political leadership of European countries in response to Fico’s statements, similar to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s. In her opinion, this is not a matter for the European Commission.

“Our basic rules, the basic treaties, did not provide for this type of betrayal of the fundamental interests of the European Union and European citizens,” Jourová explained.

On the second anniversary of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine in February, Slovak Prime Minister Fico said that the war began in 2014 because of “rampant Ukrainian neo-Nazis”. He stressed that the West’s strategy for the conflict was not working, that Slavs were dying in the war, and that the West was watching without a peace plan from the European Union.

These statements were opposed, for example, by the prime ministers of Czechia and Poland, as well as by the UK ambassador to Slovakia, whose remarks Fico criticised last weekend.

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