A dog who has spent his entire life in a shelter in Brasov, Romania, is still searching for the perfect forever home.

Jingles and his brother Amadeus were found next to a busy road and saved from a life on the streets by a compassionate rescuer named Roxana when they were just puppies.

In 2020, U.K. based rescue EverMore Dog Rescue started supporting Roxana, taking dogs in need in Romania over to the U.K. where they can be rehomed.

As part of this rescue collaboration, Jingles was flown to Britain in January, where he has been fostered by a family based in Oxfordshire, giving the 9-year-old dog his first experience of life outside shelter walls.

His brother Amadeus is due to fly over in the next week, and both are now looking for a permanent home.

Rescue dog Jingles
Pictures of Jingles who is currently at a foster home in Oxfordshire, U.K. The rescue dog has spent almost his entire life at a shelter in Romania.


Marilyn Angell, founder of EverMore Dog Rescue told Newsweek about his youthful spirit.

“He’s still young at heart and would love a home where he would have daily walks, lots of love and cuddles, and be treated as an integral part of the family,” she said.

“He would love to have access to a garden and can be re-homed where there are other dogs, he’s very friendly, and is still quite playful.”

EverMore Dog Rescue was founded in 2018 and partners with multiple public shelters in Romania to help people trying to address the country’s serious stray dog problem.

The street dog population in Romania is an ongoing issue, with estimates suggesting there are more than 500,000 homeless dogs in the country. The problem escalated in the 1970s when country-wide urbanization resulted in many families moving into small apartments and abandoning their dogs.

In an attempt to help with issues of overcrowded shelters and unneutered dogs on the Romanian streets, rescues in other countries, like EverMore Dog Rescue, have stepped in to rescue dogs like Jingles and re-home them in different countries.

Alongside this initiative, more rescues are offering Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return programs and promoting responsible pet ownership campaigns to try to prevent worsening issues with stray dogs in the country.

“Jingles loves people and can be homed with kind and sensible children over 8,” Angell said. Because he only recently arrived in Britain, the rescue is keen to find him a home in the U.K. to avoid any more travel.

To try to spread the word about Jingles, Angell posted his story on TikTok where people shared their sympathy for the pup.

“My heart breaks again at such sad stories, he looks so calm and gentle,” said Elaine. “Hope he finds forever home asap.”

While viewer Anna said: “No dog should be waiting this long for a home.”

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