Unused dinnerware is usually tucked away in cabinets and buffets, only to be brought out for special events or dinner parties. But as we’ve seen with her cake stands, Ina Garten likes to keep her tools and accessories proudly on display, and her beautiful open pantry will make you want to ditch your hutch and do the same.

In a recent Instagram post, Garten shared a corner of her kitchen you don’t often see in her cookbooks and television shows. It’s a walk-in pantry with loads of open shelving. And Garten has expertly stacked her dinnerware, serving dishes, vases, mugs, and more with such care that it looks like the kitchenware section of a home decor store. 

“So nice to come downstairs and find that Spring has arrived in my kitchen, even though it’s 26 degrees outside,” Garten captioned her post, referring to the blooming quince and tulips on her kitchen island. “Brrrr.”

“Love how organized your plates pantry [is],” one person commented on her post. Another said, “Love that nook!”

The biggest issue with open shelving is that the pieces on the shelf will get dusty when not in use. But if you’re like Garten and you use the majority of your pieces on a weekly basis, then you won’t have to worry about collecting dust. You could also install glass doors to keep the dust and debris out while still keeping your collection on display.

Pull your dinnerware out from the shadows and give it a place of honor in your kitchen. You don’t need to have a full floor-to-ceiling open pantry like Garten — any open shelving will do. It will give your space a homey, farmhouse feel and allow you to enjoy your favorite “special” dishes even when you’re not using them.

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