A local softball organization is asking the Township of Puslinch for some financial help to upgrade its amenities ahead of the season.

Cameron Tuck, operating chief of softball for Puslinch Minor Ball, said among the main upgrades is a new storage shed.

The organization has seen a lot of great upgrades, particularly to its softball diamonds, in the last few years, which Tuck credits to council.

“The biggest thing is now just putting some finishing touches on the diamond. For us, it’s getting a storage shed so that we have things in a safe place for our young players,” Tuck said.

Tuck said the organization will pay some of the costs, but it is seeking between $3,000 and $5,000 from council.

He said the organization is also looking to have its pitching warmup area moved after a septic bed was installed, plus a minor upgrade to one of the small ball diamonds.

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President Carly Seeley said it’ll depend on how much council agrees to do for the organization.

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“Putting those fencing up in Morriston Meadows to protect the player benches would probably to be the highest dollar value that would have to be accrued during this entire process,” Seeley said.

Puslinch Ball has also had a challenging time acquiring field rental time for teams as its competing with squads from Guelph for usage.

Tuck said the sport in the community has grown in the last couple of years, going from 40 players to more than 150.

He said with the rise in popularity, it’s interfering with having teams from other centres for any growth potential.

He said the teams only play three times a week and there are tournaments on the weekends.

“It’s now trying to come up with an idea where it’s beneficial to Puslinch kids to have the first crack of the bat down here,” he said.

Tuck added the organization wants to adopt a similar plan to what’s done in Guelph and is hopeful the recreational committee can get behind the idea as well.

“I know they rent out their diamonds to their teams first and then outsiders after that,” he said.

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Ideally, the organization would like to have the upgrades completed before the start of the season.

Seeley said the organization has a great working relationship with the Township and it’d be a win-win for both sides.

“We did end up getting new bleachers and new lights at the Old Morriston, along with bleachers at Morriston Meadows, so yeah the fans have certainly acknowledged how great things are progressing and the welcomeness that they’re feeling when they do come to support their team,” she said.

Tuck said council has put money back into the community over the last several years, including the sports facilities.

He said they’re hoping to have an answer from council by the end of this week.

“If things don’t proceed things as we hope they will, the master plan will be brought up again and we can start to propose for it to be done for 2025. That would be, I think, the worst-case scenario,” he said.

In the event the organization’s request is turned down by council, Seeley said it’ll continue working with them to find a solution that pleases both sides.

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