A dog owner discovered why she was coming home to a messy bedroom after watching the pet cam footage of her pit bull.

Posted on TikTok by @saraphineisabellestainer, the video has amassed over 1.8 million views and reveals why Saraphine keeps coming home to a disheveled bed.

Accompanied by a text overlay that read “No wonder my bed looks like a mess when I come home,” the video shows the pit bull enthusiastically leaping onto the bed upon Saraphine’s departure.

With determined paws, he meticulously rearranged the blankets, fashioning a cozy nest for himself. Once satisfied with his creation, he settled in and seemed to emit a series of plaintive howls, tugging at the heartstrings of his owner and viewers on TikTok.

In a caption alongside the video, Saraphine sought advice from fellow pet lovers, asking for tips on how to alleviate her dog’s apparent separation anxiety-induced howling.

Dogs missing their owners isn’t uncommon, with previous studies into dog behavior revealing that our canine friends really do miss us when we’re gone.

Last week, American bully Dex gained viral attention online after his owner shared his howling antics while she left the house.

“When we saw them, we actually rushed home and then immediately took him to the park,” owner Crystal Sullivan told Newsweek.

There are ways to support dogs with separation anxiety and help them feel more comfortable when being left alone.

Dog on bed
A file photo of a pit bull dog sleeping on a bed. A dog owner has discovered why she comes home to a messy bed at the end of the day.

Sviatlana Barchan/Getty Images

Dog trainer Jennifer previously told Newsweek that to help a dog with separation anxiety, it is important not to make a big deal about leaving, to teach your dog to self-soothe and to spend quality time together when you are around.

The video prompted plenty of responses from pet lovers, with over 1,000 comments featuring reactions from others.

Some shared empathy, admitting they’d also struggle to leave the house if their dog reacted like this.

“I would simply never leave the house again,” said TikToker daynamrose.

Lily La Susa wrote: “Howling is how dogs call to the pack to locate each other, it’s an emotional response they want u to come home.”

“I’m not crying YOU’RE crying,” said viewer kirstenkean.

Other fellow pet owners were quick to offer their advice and experiences of dogs that didn’t like to be left alone.

“I always leave the TV on,” said viewer Liz.

And Laura Casteele wrote: “My dog did this and I ended up getting him a dog, haha, it seemed to work.”

Newsweek reached out to @saraphineisabellestainer via TikTok for comment.

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