Athletes from Nunavut will match the flag they represent when they enter the opening ceremonies at the the upcoming Arctic Winter Games. 

Team Nunavut unveiled its new uniforms for the games at a ceremony in Iqaluit last night. 

Decked out in red and yellow jackets to match the Nunavut flag and blue, lighter jackets, the athletes had a chance to pick up their uniforms and try them on at Inuksuk High School. 

Trapper-style hats also accompany the team’s uniforms, with an inuksuk emblazoned on the side. 

“Let’s go, atii!” Community and Government Services Minister David Joanasie told the crowd of athletes. 

“I encourage you to wear it with pride as you compete in Alaska,” Joanasie added. “Embrace every moment of this experience.” 

Iris Sowdluapik, a badminton athlete from Pangnirtung, will be the territory’s flag-bearer at the games. 

Athletes pose with the Premier of Nunavut.
Team Nunavut athletes pose with Premier P.J. Akeeagok at the unveiling of the 2024 Arctic Winter Games uniforms. (David Gunn/CBC )

Jonathan Lee, communications for the Arctic Winter Games mission staff in Nunavut, said the team is still getting ready for next month’s event. 

“Arctic Winter Games is really special for Team Nunavut,” Lee said. 

“I think the energy is really high this year for Alaska, going on an international trip.”

He also said it’s important for the Nunavut team to meet other athletes from other circumpolar countries and experience other cultures. 

“I always see that when the kids go to the games, they come back with a whole new sense of maturity and understanding,” Lee said. 

“It’s something that kids will hold onto for the rest of their lives.”

Lee said the team is expecting to win medals at this competition. 

“It validates all the hard work leading up the Games.”

The Arctic Winter Games run from March 10 to 16 in Mat-Su Valley, Alaska. 

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