A Doig River First Nation sign (Energeticcity.ca)

CALGARY, AB — Calgary-based Kathairos Solutions has announced a partnership with Doig River First Nation (DRFN), and its economic arm, Úújǫ Developments, to engineer sustainable solutions regarding the reduction of methane emissions.

Announced on Tuesday, the entities say the goal of this groundbreaking deal is to develop environmental practices while at the same time fostering economic growth and conservation efforts.

Regarding the collaboration, Kathairos CEO Dick Brown spoke of the coalition’s importance, saying that the partnership is establishing a “new benchmark” in environmental management.

“We are honoured to have DRFN as our partners on this project as we expedite our expansion across North America,” said Brown. “Together, the critical urgency in our endeavour addresses the industry’s methane challenges.”

“This collaboration represents a firm commitment to sustainability and an immediate action toward the vital environmental challenges of our time.”

DRFN Chief Trevor Makadahay says the deal shows the band’s environmental stewardship and diversification “fit well” with Kathairos’ solutions to find sustainable solutions for methane reduction.

“We are setting a new standard for how technology, culture, and environmental stewardship can coexist and reinforce one another,” said Makadahay.

Kathairos and DRFN’s partnership aims to address the critical issue of methane emissions and create opportunities for skills development, employment, and youth engagement within DRFN.

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