At first glance, this video of two sisters running outside may seem like nothing to talk about. But then it takes an unexpected turn that has left the internet in hysterics.

The video shared by mom Shawna Protzman shows her younger daughter racing ahead of her older sister and it soon becomes clear why she was rushing ahead. It turns out she had spotted a golden opportunity to quench her thirst.

The on-screen text explains: “First child: Running to get out of the rain,” followed by, “Second child: Running to drink out of the gutter.”

The clip captioned: “But seriously…. How can two siblings be so different!?” has racked up a whopping 35.8 million views.

The footage shows the youngest daughter getting onto all fours to drink from a water pipe.

Newsweek discussed the video with Ana Aznar, a child psychologist and founder of REC parenting, an online platform supporting parents and caregivers. She told Newsweek that it’s common for parents to wonder how their kids are so different despite being raised the exact same.

She explained: “As parents we tend to think that we treat all our children in the same way but the reality is that children (even if they are siblings) are born with different temperaments. As a result, they create different family environments, even if they live in the same house and with the same parents.

“So, even if we think that we are raising our children in the same exact way, we are not, because they all provoke different emotions and behaviors on us. We may be raising our children in the same values and beliefs but we have very different relationships with each one of them because they are different people to start with. Moreover, parents are not the only influence in their children’s lives. The school, their friends, the media and other significant adults in their lives also influence our children.

“Siblings are different to start with and therefore they are never raised the same. Even if parents think they are.

“Parents often comment that the second child is more unruly that the first one. This probably has more to do with the parents’ own behavior than with the children. First time parents tend to be more anxious and more likely to follow parenting guidelines to the dot. Whereas the second time round, parents may find it easier and may relax the schedules and demands.”

Siblings running
A stock image of two sisters running while holding hands. The internet has been left in hysterics at the difference between a woman’s kids.

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What Do the Comments Say?

The amount of likes and comments has been hidden by the mother but there’s no doubting it has amassed hundreds of thousands.

One comment alone has over 52,000 likes, it said: “She’s like, ‘Finally! A water fountain I can reach without being held up!'”

Another said: “The horrified look from the first born always is on point.”

“Why do we literally have to fight to keep those second-borns out of the gutters? Even from toddlerhood they are pure chaos!” said a third commenter.

Newsweek reached out to @shawnaprotzman for comment via Instagram. We could not verify the details of the case.

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