Every sports team has passionate, loyal, and over-the-top fans cheering on at every game, and one furry fan has brought that same level of energy into the offseason.

A golden retriever who lives in Minnesota wears his favorite team’s colors every single day—the Vikings. It’s part of his iconic look. One ear is colored yellow and the other purple. Then his arms are stripped with the same colors. It’s no denying which NFL team he roots for.

The owner, who is known on Reddit as u/aflockofbugles, told Newsweek that he’s been rocking these Vikings colors since May, but the photos were taken two weeks ago after he got a touch-up.

“It’s permanent dye but since he sheds so much I need to go to the groomer every three to four months to rehighlight it,” the owner said.

Golden retriever with colored dur
Photos of a golden retriever rocking purple and yellow fur in a February 27 Reddit post. The owner has dyed his fur colors to support the Minnesota Vikings.


It was not the best season for Vikings fans. Their quarterback Kirk Cousins ruptured his Achilles in October, they missed the playoffs, and star wide receiver Justin Jefferson has been featured in trade gossip. But that doesn’t matter for this dog. He’s going to rep Vikings colors through and through.

The February 27 Reddit post, which was shared on the subreddit page r/rarepuppers, reached over 7,700 votes and 769 comments as of Monday. Opinions were split on whether or not the hair dye was a good look and if it should’ve been done in the first place.

“Someone looks very proud of their new do,” commented one user.

Another added: “People have been dying Poodle coats for decades. If it’s safe for the animal I truly don’t care. So many animals are being actually abused, this isn’t abuse. It’s not my taste but that doesn’t make it abuse.”

There are plenty of dog owners who also use hair dye to get their pups ready for a costume or to rock their favorite teams like this golden retriever, but it also brings up health and safety concerns. Owners can dye their dog’s fur, but only if they use dog-friendly products.

Never use human hair dye as these products can be toxic if ingested, which is highly likely considering dogs are lickers, Rover reported. Keep the dye away from their eyes, nose, and mouth. Avoid hair dye if your dog has sensitive skin and stop immediately if your dog is showing signs of stress. If you’re unsure about dying your dog’s fur yourself, hire a professional.

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