After a recording of an internal conversation between German Air Force officers was published in Russia, security policy maker Agnieszka Brugger from Alliance 90/The Greens warned Germany of the likelihood of further Russian subversive actions in the coming months.

Source: Brugger in an interview with Spiegel, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: “The recent events have once again demonstrated that Vladimir Putin is trying to negatively affect our open society, especially in Germany, through disinformation, destabilisation and spying.

This year, the year of important elections, this threat will only grow, so we have to be a lot more prepared for it in politics, media, and as a society. As a society, we have to be stronger, more resilient and better protected.”

Details: The recording shared by Russian propaganda media on Friday, 1 March, high-ranking German Air Force officers discuss theoretical possibilities for deploying Taurus missiles on the Webex platform.

“It’s right for the Military Counterintelligence Service to handle and look into this incident,” Brugger said. “Still, regardless, it is obvious that all communications at the level of the federal government, Bundeswehr and other authorities have to be as protected as possible,” she stressed.


  • The Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany has initiated an investigation into whether the conversations of representatives of its air force – who, according to Russian propaganda, allegedly discussed blowing up the Crimean bridge with Taurus missiles – were intercepted.

  • Germany’s Defence Ministry has confirmed that an internal conversation between German Air Force officers has indeed been intercepted.

  • Afterwards, a range of German politicians called for the situation with possible bugging and espionage in the Bundeswehr to be clarified.

  • This week, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again ruled out sending Taurus missiles to Ukraine, claiming that this would mean that Germany would become a party to the war against Russia.

  • Chancellor added that Germany could not give Ukraine weapons with a range of 500 km, which, “in case of incorrect usage, could hit a certain target somewhere in Moscow”.

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