A potential secret witness may give evidence in former President Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels trial, a former federal prosecutor said.

In his latest court filing, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg argued that the mystery witness’ handwritten notes about Trump’s alleged hush money payments should be admissible in court.

Trump is due to go on trial on March 25 to face 34 charges over allegations he instructed attorney Michael Cohen to pay adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep an alleged affair between her and the former president a secret ahead of the 2016 election. Trump is accused of listing the payment to Cohen as “legal fees.”

Newsweek sought email comment from Trump’s attorney on Wednesday.

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Former President Donald Trump arrives for an election-night watch party at Mar-a-Lago on March 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Manhattan district attorney in Trump’s Stormy Daniels payment trial may be about to introduce…

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Bragg’s court submission is heavily redacted to avoid publicly identifying the potential witness, who wrote something on a bank statement of Essential Consultants, the company owned by Cohen.

It raises the possibility that the person is an associate of Cohen, who is now an enemy of Trump and will be testifying at the trial.

Joyce Vance, a former federal prosecutor, wrote in her Civil Discourse blog on Wednesday that such heavy redaction is likely to prevent the public from knowing the identity of the witness. Vance said Bragg’s submission was “intriguing.”

“This argument is about whether handwritten notes from an individual who isn’t named will be admissible,” she wrote. “Anytime we see these redaction boxes in a document, we always wonder what’s behind them.

“Here, the DA is likely protecting the identity of a witness from the public for as long as possible. If they weren’t already aware, discovery would have revealed the identity to Trump’s team.”

In his court filing, Bragg said that the unnamed witness’ handwritten notes should be admissible.

“The evidence at trial will show that as one part of defendant’s election fraud scheme, Cohen wired $130,000 from his Essential Consultants LLC bank account to Keith Davidson in order to suppress Stormy Daniels’ account of her alleged sexual encounter with defendant,” Bragg wrote.

“Handwritten notes on the [Essential Consultants] bank statement show that amount was combined with other amounts to reach a total of $420,000, the full amount that was paid to Cohen in association with the business records at issue.

“Despite the fact that this exhibit was ‘introduced without objection’ during the evidentiary hearing on defendant’s effort to remove this case to federal court, defendant now seeks to exclude it from trial on hearsay grounds.

“Handwritten notes on the bank statement are admissible as a business record, and the Court should deny this motion.”

Much of the rest of Bragg’s submission about the witness is heavily redacted with dozens of black rectangles blocking out the details from public view.

Acting New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan and Trump’s attorneys would be able to access an unredacted version of Bragg’s submission.

Trump is now the presumptive Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election after his last challenger, Nikki Haley, announced on Wednesday that she is pulling out of the race. It follows Trump’s strong performance in the Super Tuesday primaries on March 5.