US and Russia ‘on road to WW3’ as Putin moves nuclear weapons to Belarus | US | News

“This move confirms that Putin and Alexander Lukashenko are on the same page, as far as Russia’s goals in Ukraine and that Belarus is becoming an extension of Russia, being already a member of the so-called The Union State.”

The military drills that took place in Siberia over the past week are further warnings of escalating tensions between Russia and the West.

Video footage released by their defence ministry showed nuclear-capable Yars missiles being transported on military vehicles through a snowy landscape.

The MoD said the troops had “carried out a set of measures to disguise and counter modern air reconnaissance”. No test launches were carried out.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in his latest comments, said the war between the West and Russia will “go on for a long time”.

Second, the move is intended as retaliation against Sweden and Finland’s decision to join NATO, Koffler believes.

“Inclusion of these two states into NATO will automatically double the length of the Russia-NATO border,” she explained.

Belarus shares a long border with Ukraine, and with Nato members Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

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