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Ukraine plans record electricity exports to 5 countries

Ukraine plans to export a record 13 gigawatt hours of electricity to other countries on March 4, namely to Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Moldova, said Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s state-owned energy operator, in a statement on Telegram.

Since electricity exports are permitted only in the absence of energy deficits, the announcement indicates a stable situation in that sector despite Russian attacks and winter consumption.

“Today, it is planned to export a record amount of electricity – 13,264 megawatt hours, with the maximum capacity in individual hours up to 716 megawatts,” Ukrenergo said on Telegram.

The state company said that flooded rivers and sunny weather contributed to greater output of hydroelectric and other power plants.

“Thanks to this, electricity producers have the opportunity not only to fully meet the needs of Ukrainian consumers but also to sell electricity to neighboring countries, receiving funds for further recovery after Russian attacks,” the statement read.

Despite Russian attacks against Ukraine’s infrastructure over the winter, the country’s energy system remained relatively stable, avoiding large-scale blackouts that happened during late 2022 and early 2023.

Naftogaz’s CEO Oleksiy Chernyshov said that for the first time, Ukraine went through the winter using only domestically-produced gas.

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