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This phone is so flexible it can wrap around your wrist

Motorola offered more details of its unique new phone this week at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

Originally revealed at Lenovo Tech World 2023, the bendable phone can wrap around your wrist like a watch, per Gizmodo.

A bendable phone for your wrist

According to CNBC, Motorola’s wrist phone has several features to make it more like an accessory than a gadget. One such feature is the capability to complement one’s outfit. Users just have to take a photo of their outfit and the phone will generate a background similar to it, per CNBC.

Motorola created the phone with a fabric back in order to make it comfortable on the wrist while maintaining its bending capabilities, per Gizmodo. Photos on Motorola’s X account reveal that users can bend the phone into a variety of positions.

In a demonstration at MWC 2024, Motorola showed how the wrist phone display will change when on your wrist, such as rearranging the app locations. The phone was created to be “contextually aware” of how it’s bent, per CNBC.

Motorola is not the only company developing a wrist phone. Samsung revealed its own bendable wrist phone, according to CNET. Called the “Cling Band,” Samsung’s phone doesn’t wrap around the whole wrist and has ridges instead of fabric on the backside of it.

CNBC reports that Motorola’s wrist phone is probably going to stay as a concept product, meaning it won’t be available to the public, but called it a good example of how technology is changing in the mobile phone world.

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