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Owners Will Vote to Expand “Hard Knocks” to Feature Full Team Divisions

One of the most exciting aspects of the NFL is getting a behind-the-scenes look at NFL teams in preseason. HBO established a show called “Hard Knocks,” which does just that.

“Hard Knocks” began in 2001, which featured an in-depth look at the Baltimore Ravens during the lead-up to the regular season. The docuseries became a smash hit, resulting in the annual continuation of the series. However, in 2021, the series evolved even further.

“Hard Knocks” evolved into showcasing an in-season team, which began with the Indianapolis Colts. While preseason was exciting, the in-season team would go through even more drama with wins, losses, and entire seasons in the balance.

The latest version of the in-season format showcased the Miami Dolphins. Some of the most dramatic moments included losing both Jaelin Philips and Bradley Chubb to season-ending injuries, and the team losing in the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins on "Hard Knocks"
MIAMI GARDENS, FL – DECEMBER 22: Nik Needham #40 of the Miami Dolphins knocks down the pass intended for John Ross III #11 of the Cincinnati Bengals during the overtime of an NFL game on…

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The realness of “Hard Knocks” has been hit amongst NFL fans, and now team owners will be voting on evolving the show even further.

Ari Meirov revealed on X that NFL owners will meet to discuss expanding the in-season team to feature full divisions.

Showcasing an entire division would be simply incredible because of the deep-seated rivalries that exist within NFL divisions. Imagine the NFC East on a season, as both the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys jockey for first place and a playoff spot.

The same can be said for any division for that matter. The grit and heart it takes to not only win your division but take down a hated rival would be at the forefront of everyone’s TVs every single week.

This would also be amazing to watch considering it would be four sets of teams, four head coaches, and four times the personalities to watch as they deal with adversity.

One of the biggest storylines right now is the Chicago Bears taking USC’s Caleb Williams with the #1 overall pick. Imagine the NFC North being showcased, with Williams coming in as a day-one starter, the Detroit Lions being the media darling they were last season, and the Minnesota Vikings showcasing whatever QB they happen to trade up for.

A single team is already exciting, but showcasing an entire division would elevate the series to a brand-new level.

“Hard Knocks” is one of the best aspects of the NFL, especially for those fan-favorite teams that have already been showcased. Just add their rivals, and the drama will get far more brutal.