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New shuttle service connects Whitehorse and Haines Junction, Yukon 

A new shuttle service starting on Wednesday will offer trips between Whitehorse and Haines Junction, Yukon, three times a week, year-round. 

The company offering the service is called Adventure Time, and it’s run by Isabelle Piché of Haines Junction. The idea first came to Piché during a stint working at the Yukon Visitor Information Centre last year. 

“It was very interesting to see the amount of travelers that arrive and say, ‘OK, I’m here for a few days, what can I do?'” she said.

Those with less experience camping and hiking often seemed daunted by the idea of setting out from the city on their own. 

“They needed someone to help them explore,” said Piché. “The demand for that kind of service was really intense.”

After talking with other people in Haines Junction, she also learned of another pressing need — this time from locals, who were interested in “just having that connection with the city.”

“Twenty years ago, there was a service that was well-used in the community that offered shuttles,” she said, adding that the service would also do some cargo delivery. 

Reliable transportation between communities in the territory can be difficult to access. Piché said she hopes to play a part in bridging that gap by providing a safe, affordable travel option for both Yukoners and visitors.

Adventure Time will also offer guided tours and cargo deliveries.

“Our vehicle is a little bus, there’s seven seats, but there’s a big capacity for cargo, which is a great space to bring up bicycles. So if you are an avid biker and want to come hit the Haines Junction trail, I can most definitely bring you and your bike.” 

Piché is part of the 2024 cohort of the tourism and culture startup program offered by Yukonstruct. The program connects Yukon entrepreneurs with grants and opportunities to help get their business off the ground. 

New business owners taking part in Yukonstruct's mentorship program.
New business owners taking part in Yukonstruct’s mentorship program. (Submitted by Erin Scott)

 “Isabelle applied to the program in December and her application stood out,” said Erin Scott, director of entrepreneurship for Yukonstruct. Scott also oversees the organization’s startup program. 

“She’s a go-getter.” 

Scott says businesses like Piché’s, which aim to address gaps in services and meet local needs, are common in the program — which is why she believes offering this kind of mentorship and support is so important. 

“They’re hiring local, they’re training youth, they’re offering something that’s going to benefit local residents,” Scott said.

“They’re really keeping in mind how [their companies] are going to contribute and provide value and benefit to the folks they interact with on a day-to-day basis.”

Erin Scott, director of entrepreneurship for Yukonstruct.
Erin Scott, director of entrepreneurship for Yukonstruct. (Submitted by Erin Scott)

It’s an approach Scott describes as “community-driven and community-focused.” 

“It’s incredible to witness and it’s something that’s so unique to the Yukon.” 

The shuttle service will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, leaving the Junction those days at 8 a.m. and Whitehorse at 3 p.m.

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