Fitness tourism, what it is, and what you need to know

In this article, we discuss business tourism, what it is, why it matters and how to get involved.

H1 – Fitness tourism, what it is, and what you need to know.
Fitness tourism is not to be confused with health tourism. Health tourism refers to non-UK residents travelling to the UK to use NHS services. Fitness tourism is a global phenomenon which is showing tremendous growth. Also referred to as wellness tourism, it represents a $639 billion industry. Traditionally wellness tourism was widely understood as yoga-style recharge retreats, whereas fitness tourism is much more focused on different levels of activity and sports.

So what is fitness tourism?
In simple terms, it is where holidaymakers choose to attend fitness centres as part of the holiday. These holidays are specifically designed for fitness, effective fitness retreats. A fitness retreat is not a new proposition, but what we see more and more frequently is individuals, couples and families travelling abroad to participate in fitness-focused holidays.

To better understand the nature and development of this activity, first, we must ask ourselves:

Why do people use fitness tourism
People use fitness tourism as a way to improve and enjoy themselves. It’s a wide-reaching topic but can encapsulate several different scenarios; typical examples would include;

  • Cycling holidays
  • Skiing holidays
  • Climbing holidays
  • Yoga retreats
  • Weight loss and fitness retreats

“79% of potential wellness travellers are keen to add a health or wellness activity to their regular holiday. 24% of UK adults planned to book a holiday in the three months following November 2021, well below pre-pandemic levels. 31%” – According to

Who is using fitness tourism
Statistics suggest that young professionals, business owners and the health-conscious are other principal demographics for these holidays. Business owners and young professionals a vital demographic because often their busy lifestyles do not allow for health and well-being in their hectic schedules. To improve their health in both the short and longer term, they are embracing fitness in a fitness camp style approach. Boot Camp-style workouts are targeted at the same demographic in the UK and the US. Where fitness tourism is winning because of this focus is for a full week. This level of intensity should see results, and in some cases, this can be continued after the event. This a positive lifestyle intervention which is a byproduct of choosing this type of fitness tourism and, in many cases, is the attraction to this type of holiday in the first place.

Why do people use fitness tourism
Although the answer seems obvious, generally, people use fitness tourism to improve their fitness or to do an activity like skiing which they love. However, as previously mentioned, the more surprising reason for using this type of tourism is those holidaymakers who are business owners, and young professionals and even families are finding it increasingly challenging to manage high-powered lives and maintain their fitness. It has therefore become incredibly important for those people to carve out time in their annual leave to improve their health and well-being for the benefit of themselves and those around them. People ultimately use fitness tourism to complete an activity that they enjoy all the results.

What is the future of fitness tourism
Fitness became the world focus in 2020 through 2022 and remained friends entered as a result of the pandemic. Many reflected on their own health and well-being, and many used the opportunity to focus on their health. Wellness tourism which is very similar has been around the decades, so it is not entirely new. Thanks to the sheer size and continued growth it is obvious that wellness tourism will continue to boom, develop and mature. We expect the market to continue to grow over the next decade and, with it, opportunity for businesses and holidaymakers to enjoy an extensive range of packages designed to support and encourage business focused holidaymakers that are keen to make some positive improvements in the lives.

Is it wise to prepare
Although there are different levels of fitness catered for, it never hurts to be prepared. Although wellness camps have traditionally been viewed as a time to reflect and recharge, there is a shift towards more high-intensity workouts. Therefore, it will not hurt to be ready for exercise by increasing your mobility and joint strength before your holiday. depends on the holiday you choose and listen to the advice provided by the tour operator.

How to prepare
What can you do to ensure that you are ready for fitness camps? Consider getting a few walks in; you could invest in some light hand weights or exercise equipment. Fitness suppliers like Mirafit have a vast range of home-use fitness equipment. A small amount of exercise in the weeks leading up to your trip can help; often, you’re going first place because you are time-poor, so choose activities that can help. Don’t emergency diet; this is actually the wrong thing to do as it depletes your energy supplies ahead of a highly active holiday.

What next
With an industry approaching almost $700 billion, this is an important sector within the tourist market if you are interested in wellness/fitness tourism a few things to remember. The following bullet points are just four top-level considerations as a prompt to help you. Please use this information to ask questions of your tour operator.

  • Do your research – choose the right style approach for yourself, and you get the most out of it.
  • Preparing yourself – you will find it much more enjoyable and less painful if you have wound up your muscles and improved your mobility.
  • Read testimonials – see what others thought. It is essential to establish the type of people your holiday packages are aimed at.
  • Dress appropriately – choosing appropriate clothing for your workouts; we recommend paying attention to the dress code. Is it yoga pants, sports leggings or shorts? Do your
    homework and enjoy yourself.

If you’re a busy professional, wellness tourism could be for you. Take heed of our suggestions and look for some fantastic breaks suited to your fitness and goals. Start your transformation with a trip away before you start the real journey.

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