The last hunt? Future in peril for ‘the unicorn of the sea’

Without a ban, there is about a 30% risk that narwhals will become extinct in east Greenland by 2025, rising to 74% by 2028, an analysis by Hobbs found. Last year the eastern hunting districts did not catch enough narwhals to fill their quotas, says Ugarte, which he sees as a sign that the mammals are not as abundant as the hunters claim. Hunters, however, blame the unusual presence of killer whales in the fjords this year, which might have scared the narwhals away.

Nunavut Health Department warns avian flu might soon reach Nunavut

A news release from Nunavut’s Department of Health says bird flu can be highly contagious among domestic and wild birds.
“With the northward spring bird migration, increasing numbers of avian influenza detections in birds may be seen across Canada,” says Health Department spokesperson Chris Puglia, in the release. The risk of human infection is generally low.