Architects part of the solution to climate crisis, says Environment Commissioner

“Architects and environmental engineers can play a vital role in tackling the climate crisis through their projects and designs,” stated Commissioner for the Environment, Antonia Theodosiou, during her address at the 34th General Assembly of the Cyprus Association of Architects on Saturday.

Despite her current role as Commissioner for the Environment, Theodosiou emphasised her background as an architect and environmental engineer, highlighting that “our projects shape the space in which we live, the way we live, move, they absolutely affect the way we interact with the environment around us.”

Identifying the climate crisis as the foremost challenge for architects and environmental engineers today, she added, “We may not be part of the problem, but we can certainly be part of the solution with our projects and designs.”

Theodosiou elaborated that every sustainable architectural project should undergo an integrated analysis, with each technical decision contributing to a broader effort for active social participation and environmental responsibility.

Highlighting the philosophy of sustainable architecture, she noted that it extends beyond constructing buildings with minimal ecological footprints.

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