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33 homes near completion in Yukon First Nations

WHITEHORSE — Liard First Nation, Ross River Dena Council and the White River First Nation have constructed 33 new homes and refurbished an additional four homes in the Yukon.

Approximately $17 million in housing funding from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) was allocated in the 2021–22, 2022–23 and 2023–24 federal budgets.

In Liard First Nation, the funding supported site preparation, lot servicing and the construction of a nine-unit complex to house Elders within the community. Three tiny homes were also completed along with the renovation of four other homes. Liard First Nation also prepared and serviced lots for the purchase of six modular homes.

“Housing matters – we are working in partnership with the federal government for LFN (Liard First Nation), with the vision of health, security, employment and prosperity,” Liard First Nation Chief Stephen Charlie said in a statement.

Ross River Dena Council built a duplex and two houses while acquiring five trailers, and White River First Nation built a duplex and four houses, an ISC release said.

Since April 2016, and as of Sept. 30, 2023, ISC has targeted investments totalling $1.80 billion of $3.93 billion in committed funds have been invested to support 4,631 housing projects in 611 First Nations communities, the release said.

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