Collaboration at its best

“This collaboration demonstrates how we, by joining forces, can use existing accessible technologies and networks to drive the energy transition and develop more sustainable cities,” says Julien Gennetier, VP of the Energy Division at Alfa Laval.

“We are proud to be part of this initiative. Taking measures for sustainability fully resonates with the mission of our facility, where research in material and life sciences will contribute to addressing global challenges,” says ESS Director General Helmut Schober.

“Various smart local energy sector solutions are crucial components of the global climate transition. We are pleased that ESS will contribute residual heat to our district heating system. By making use of residual heat, we minimize energy losses and together we create a sustainable circular energy system,” says Sezgin Kadir, CEO, Kraftringen Energi.

“The solution is a good example of how the society can reuse waste heat in different processes, and is in line with our globally launched COP28 awarded heating and cooling solution E.ON ectogrid™,” says Carin Kuylenstierna, Head of Strategy & Sustainability at E.ON.

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