The AMC Responds to the Loss of Life of Another First Nations Woman

First Nations women are severely impacted by the lack of access to resources to address poverty and homelessness, violence and discrimination, and domestic violence. The AMC has tried to seek funding and work with Canada to offer more support for unsheltered women. However, critical supports, such as providing access to safe emergency housing, are urgently needed.

Ontario First Nations request federal support to extend Indian day school claims deadline

In 2019, Canada signed a $1.47-billion settlement with thousands of former students of the federally funded day school system. While separate from the residential school system, Indian or federal day schools were a part of a federal policy aimed at assimilating Indigenous children, and often had affiliations to the Roman Catholic, United, Anglican and other churches. Nearly 700 day schools operated across Canada between 1863 and 2000. The claims process opened in January 2020 and the deadline to submit a claim for compensation is July 13.