Nunavut Health Department warns avian flu might soon reach Nunavut

A news release from Nunavut’s Department of Health says bird flu can be highly contagious among domestic and wild birds.
“With the northward spring bird migration, increasing numbers of avian influenza detections in birds may be seen across Canada,” says Health Department spokesperson Chris Puglia, in the release. The risk of human infection is generally low.

What Should Be Done to Fix Adolescent Mental Health?

“Every teenager I talk to knows social media isn’t real, but it is addictive, and it does have consequences. The most important thing someone can do is take breaks from social media and check in with people in real life for their reactions.”
– Ross Szabo, former Director of Outreach of the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign and founder of Human Power Project

Overrepresentation of Indigenous women in custody reaches historic levels in B.C.

“By revising several key policies and implementing new ones, the BCPS aimed to change the way it deals with cases that involve Indigenous persons: as victims, as witnesses, and as accused. “Acting alone, we cannot eliminate systemic discrimination or the unacceptable overrepresentation of Indigenous persons in the criminal justice system,”
– BCPS spokesperson Dan McLaughlin i

First Nations Leaders in Manitoba Declare a State of Emergency on Health Services in the North

“It is a mess. This is systemic racism. Thompson General Hospital has become a triage center. We need to look at ways to take control – make our own policies, services, and facilities up north instead of sending them down south. As peoples, we are still ‘in care’ and must change that.”
– Councillor Donnie McKay, Pimicikamak.